The Society of Bank Executives provides senior bank executives with opportunities to enhance critical leadership competencies and build a vibrant network of peers so they can thrive in the unique and rapidly changing banking landscape.

Pre-Launch Charter Member Pricing
Sign up by July 30, 2022, and receive a 25% discount for 2 years

Pre-launch Session: August - October 2022 

  • Individual $900
  • Bank Sponsor $3,750 (5 memberships)
  • Gold Sponsor $5,625 (unlimited executive team membership)
Launch - January 2023

Annual Membership (limited to members of bank executive management teams)

  • Individual $1,200
  • Legacy (retired executive) $250
  • Bank Sponsor $5,000 (5 memberships)
  • Gold Sponsor $7,500 (unlimited executive team membership)

Contact Us

Society of Bank Executives
175 S. Main Street, Ste. 1420
Salt Lake City Utah 84111
Phone: 385-202-6138


Society membership is limited to individuals with an active role in the executive management of an FDIC-insured bank.

To achieve the dual mission of helping bank executives build a vibrant peer network and develop critical leadership skills, it is imperative that Society members are actively involved in the management of their institution. This will frequently include members of a bank’s C-suite (CEO, COO, CFO, CLO, CCO, etc.), but depending on bank size, may also include individuals without such a title, provided they are engaged in day-to-day decision-making that would allow them to productively engage as a peer with other bank C-suite members. The Society's Membership Committee will rely in part on the recommendation of the bank's CEO to determine whether an applicant qualifies as an active participant in the executive management of their bank.